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Workers' Compensation

Dr. Dorenkamp specializes in Workers' Comp cases


Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Dorenkamp worked at farming, ranching, rodeo production, construction, and operated heavy equipment.  He also drove a semi-truck hauling gravel, hay, and livestock.  With this background experience, he is uniquely able to relate to many of his patients’ job duties when evaluating injuries and determining return to action criteria. 


As an Accredited Level I chiropractor care giver since July, 1 1991, Dr. Dorenkamp is well trained and respected by those that manage the Colorado Workers' Compensation claims.


The  Occupational Medicine Center at St. Mary's Life Center frequently refers injured workers that need chiropractic care to Dr. Dorenkamp.


Pinnacol was established as the "assured source of workers' comp coverage for Colorado".  Dr. Dorenkamp is an established SelectNet Provider of chiropractic care.  What does that mean to you?  Your workers' comp claim should be more streamlined and less troublesome, allowing you to concentrate on healing.


SelectNet is Pinnacol Assurance’s integrated, preferred medical provider network for injured workers employed by Pinnacol policyholders. 


SelectNet’s goal is: "To provide the right amount of care at the right time, and to safely return injured workers to work as quickly as possible". 


Besides, Pinnacol, most other Colorado Workers Compensation insurance is accepted.


Dr. Dorenkamp is the choice of employers and employees for their workers' comp claims, as he is committed to their same goal:

Returning the worker to work when it's safe, and as quickly as possible.

Click the button below for a link to the website with detailed  information concerning Colorado Workers' Compensation claims.

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Dr. Dorenkamp shown using

"traditional" chiropractic

manual manipulation

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